10 Best Practices For Cleaning Your Business Premises
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10 Best Practices For Cleaning Your Business Premises

Any business premises whether it be an office, a factory or a warehouse needs to be cleaned. Apart from the health and safety reasons, having a clean working environment is beneficial for your employees and your visiting customers.

For most business owners cleaning is not at the top of their skills, however, it is certainly in their best interests to know enough to ensure their business premises are cleaned effectively. To aid that, here are ten best practices for cleaning business premises, shared to us by leaders in the commercial cleaning industry.

Create A Planned Cleaning Schedule: If your cleaning is done by following a pre-planned schedule it is bound to be more effective. This way, nothing is missed and areas that need cleaning more often take priority over those which only need cleaning every month.

Increase The Frequency Of Your Cleaning: Notwithstanding your planned cleaning, if you have the resources you should clean your business premises more frequently. In particular, areas, where you have visitors or high foot traffic, should be cleaned more often.

Ensure Main Contact Points Are Given Priority: By main contact points we are talking about those which are touched frequently throughout the day and by multiple people. Examples include door handles, lift buttons, stair handrails, light switches, and toilet flush handles.


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