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Social Media Tasks You Should Set For Your Digital Agency

Social media plays a huge part in helping your business to build its presence online and subsequently the number of customers you have. To be effective, a social media strategy requires several tasks to be carried out on a regular basis. Rather than doing all these yourself, you should employ a digital agency, like Slinky Digital Agency who can carry out the tasks for you.

A major benefit of employing an agency is that it will free up a huge amount of your time which you can use for other business tasks. Another is that the tasks will be carried out more effectively in the sense that the person or people the agency employs to undertake the tasks will have greater experience than you when doing them.

So what social media tasks should your digital agency be doing for you?

#1 Answer Questions From Followers

This should always be done in a timely manner. If your followers see that their questions are getting answered quickly it will create a very positive impression and make them more likely to recommend or share any posts.

#2 Upload Videos and Images

People love to see funny or interesting videos and images. There is a huge opportunity for these to go viral which can bring your page or account to the attention of thousands of potential followers.

#3 Survey Your Followers

A great way to determine what your followers like or dislike is to survey them occasionally. People love giving their opinions and if they are given the chance to do so on your social media pages they will take it. This is particularly effective in determining which potential new products they might be interested in.

#4 Update Themes and Pages

Even if you enjoy messing about with graphics it is always best practice to let the graphics experts in your digital agency do these for you. Updating page layouts, colours or themes is a great way to keep your social media sites fresh and lets your followers see that you are active in the account.

#5 Make regular Posts

Probably the most obvious one, but making posts is more than just typing out a couple of lines. You want the post, in which ever format they are in, to engage with your followers and in as many cases as possible, encourage them to share the posts in the hope that they go viral. Crafting text that induces followers to share is an art, and most decent digital agencies will have copywriters with the necessary skills to create them.

#6 Send Offers To Followers

Staying with the copywriter this is another task that should be an integral part of your social media campaigns. Being able to write offers and promotions which get the person reading them to act, is yet another skill which your agency copywriter should have in abundance.

#7 Interlinking Between Pages and Accounts

To improve the SEO of your social media pages and your main websites, the digital agency should have a linking strategy in place. This will include linking between your social media pages, and from these pages to your main site to boost its ranking.