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How To Find Keywords Without Expensive Software

Keywords are often spoken of as the ‘currency’ of SEO, with the most valuable keywords, that have tens of thousands of searches every month, being the keywords that bring the highest levels of traffic and visitors to a website.

Of course, in order to rank for those extremely valuable keywords, you are going to have to compete with a high level of competition, whether you operate nationally or locally.

That competition will be high both in terms of the number of competitors, and with the level of resources they have available in order to implement the SEO strategy necessary for them to rank for those premium keywords.

However, SEO Perth advise that just as not everyone is in the market for the most expensive cars, jewellery, or fashion, not every business will need to compete for the most sought-after keywords on Google.

If that includes your business, then the keyword research you do will focus specifically to the niche you are in, and most likely to the area in which your business operates.

There are lots of ways you can research those keywords, and most advice immediately recommends keyword research software. Whilst there is absolutely wrong with that advice, it needs pointing out that software is not the only way to discover excellent keywords.

Uncovering keywords by using a more ‘manual’ approach has many merits, mainly because you will be finding keywords that your competitors may not have even thought about.

The advantage that gives you is being able to rank highly for them and get the majority of traffic to your website that manifests as potential customers who have been searching for that term.

So, to get you started on your quest to find keywords without using software, here are three paths you can take.


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