Building the Perfect Theme
Web Design

WordPress Web Design – Building the Perfect Theme is an industry leading content management system (CMS) which powers a huge percentage of the internet. One of the reasons for this is the huge amount of flexibility you have when it comes to WordPress web design. You can choose from thousands of themes from the WordPress template library, but you can also create and upload a custom theme.

Many more experienced designers do decide to go down the custom theme path, especially when they want to build larger, feature-rich sites. But, this isn’t always easy, and there are numerous things to think about when you’re trying to build the perfect theme.

Decide How To Build Your Theme

Once you’ve decided to create a custom WordPress theme, you need to start thinking about exactly how you’re going to do it. There are numerous options, but the most popular are using an automated WordPress theme builder or coding your site manually.

Automated theme builders are useful, but they t end to be somewhat limited. If you have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, website layouts and JavaScript, then I’d lean towards the manual coding option. It will give you full flexibility and the ability to create pretty much anything you want.


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