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5 Ways To Ensure Your Blog Posts Are Effective

Blogging is a very effective way to create content that will help boost your business website’s ranking and build a loyal reader following. However, many businesses do it incorrectly and miss out on the benefits. The added problem is that whilst they are doing it all wrong, their competitors could be doing it the way right and gaining customers because of it.

Here are five simple tips for getting the best from your blogging efforts to help your digital marketing campaign.

#1 Make It Readable

It is astonishing how many blog posts on the internet confuse readers more than help them. Remember, you want anyone reading your blog to return, so use language everyone can understand. Keep the terminology simple, as not everyone on your website will be fully conversant with industry jargon.

Also, avoid long words that must be looked up in a dictionary. Your blog posts are not an outlet to show off your English vocabulary. Instead, they are designed to win over new followers and potential new customers

#2 Keep It Fresh

There’s little point in writing a blog to keep readers informed if the only information you post is about something they might have read about a year ago. Writing about new breakthroughs or the latest trends within your industry will be far more exciting and helps persuade readers to return again and again for your updates.

The other advantage of regularly posting about new events is occasionally posting something about a new product or service you have to offer without it looking like a blatant sales pitch.

#3 Post Regularly

The worst thing you can do with your blog is to fail to keep posting to it regularly, even if it is only once a month. Someone landing on your blog page and seeing that you have not posted anything for six months is the quickest way to make them leave immediately.

Please make a note in your diary to remind you when your next post is due, or better still, when you have time, create two or three in advance and schedule them to be posted on the appropriate dates.

#4 Don’t Forget to Include Keywords

When you write a post, you want to be sprinkling keywords and keyword phrases that you hope to rank for on the search engines. Please don’t overdo it by stuffing each post full, but include them in the title and description tags when you publish the post.

There are plenty of SEO extensions for WordPress that will help you do this very effectively.

#5 Proofread It

It should be a new criminal offence for any business to publish a blog post with spelling and grammatical mistakes. Think about the impression created in the minds of readers of when they see basic spelling errors and poor grammar on your business website.

There are so many spell check tools you can use to proofread your post before they are published that there is no excuse for errors ever.