How To Get The Best Results For Your Family Lawyers Business From Facebook Ads
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How To Get The Best Results For Your Family Lawyers Business From Facebook Ads

As you are probably aware, there are many ways you can market your family lawyer business. Each method will have a specific timescale for when you can expect to see results, with those results most likely to be traffic being sent to your website. This can be achieved on different platforms, with some methods taking many months for a website to rank for keywords and others providing the means for traffic to be sent to a website within minutes of a paid ad being created.

Different business owners will have views on how quickly they want to see those results, and if you fall into the group that wants to see them sooner rather than later, this article is for you. More specifically, if you want to see traffic visiting your website within an hour or so of you setting up then read as we are going to explain to you why Facebook Ads can achieve that for you and how you can achieve the best possible results from Facebook Ads.

Largest Audience Of Any Social Media Platform

If you are going to pay for traffic then the place you do so might as well be the one with the largest potential audience for your ads. That is, of course, Facebook, which accounts for a massive 72% of all social media traffic worldwide. That also means that it is likely to have over 70% of the share of those on social media in the local area you wish to target so it makes sense to use them rather than any of the others with only 30% combined.

Target Ads To Specific Geographical Locations

One of the huge benefits of using Facebook is that you can set your ad up so that it only ever appears to those who live or possibly work in the towns and cities where you offer your family lawyer services for example. This geographical targeting can be as wide or narrow as you wish, so even if you only operate within one or two suburbs within a city, you can still target them.

Target Ads To Specific Demographic Groups

Sticking with the theme of targeting, another benefit of Facebook’s database is that it knows the demographics of its users. This means that when you create ads, you can define which demographic groups you wish to include and those you wish to exclude. For example, for a divorce ad you may wish to restrict it to those between 30 and 50, or for child custody to below the age of 45. Apart from age, you can target gender, employment,  income, interests, and many others.

Start With A Low Budget

Some business owners think that to advertise on Facebook; you need a huge budget. That is not the case. Obviously, the bigger the budget you have, the more ads you can run, but there is nothing wrong with starting with a small budget and building upon it as you see what ads are performing well and then boosting what you spend on them.

Test And Tweak Your Ads

Following on from the point about starting out with a low budget and then building up, this can only be achieved through proper and effective monitoring, testing, and tweaking of your ads. Facebook provides you with loads of data, and you can use this data to measure just about every element of how you have your ad set up. This includes which target areas your ad is performing best in and what demographics are responding to your ad, allowing you to edit and optimise it.