5 Online Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Removalists Business
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5 Online Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Removalists Business

Whilst the vast majority of removalists will be experts at helping families move homes and businesses move to new offices, there are many for whom online marketing is not something for which they are specialists. In truth, this could apply to any business sector. However, the problem for a removalists business that is not utilising online marketing, is that their competitors who are using it, have a huge advantage in obtaining new leads and prospective clients.

Some of the issues that get raised frequently when inter state removalists are discussing online marketing are that there seem to be dozens of different ways to market online, and they do not know which ones they should be focussing on. In answering, there are indeed lots of online marketing channels, however, there is no need to master them all, and we also would not advise any removalists to attempt to market their business in a dozen different ways all at once anyway.

Our advice is to focus on and master a few core online marketing strategies. In doing so, not only is it much easier to implement, monitor and control, but it also allows a marketing budget to be used more efficiently, rather than something akin to throwing mud at a wall and seeing how much of it sticks. So, to get you started, here are just 5 key online marketing tactics we recommend.

Website Redesign: One of the biggest issues we find when analysing a removalists business’s online marketing is that the traffic they can send to their website is wasted. It is wasted because the website’s poor design is not converting visitors into leads or paying clients. If you believe this is happening to the traffic landing on your website, then you should seriously consider having a web design agency redesign your website so that your conversion rate can soar.

PPC Advertising: Assuming your website is well-designed and converts, then if you want a quick solution and are prepared to pay for it, PPC advertising is the ideal online marketing channel. With great keyword research and effective ad copy, you can target several search terms and bid on clicks to your website. With PPC ads you are in complete control of your budget so know exactly what you are spending daily, and can also track your ROI for every ad.

SEO: SEO is an online marketing tactic for removalists who are prepared to be patient and take a longer-term approach to generating traffic to their website. Several optimisations and improvements will be made to that website, and there will also be a concerted effort to build backlinks to your site from other websites. None of this happens quickly, but once your ranking starts improving, it can do so exponentially, which can see your traffic numbers rise significantly.

Email Marketing: We encourage every removalists to use email marketing as it is a tried and trusted marketing tool that provides several benefits. Email can help build brand awareness, customer loyalty and it can also generate sales too. By building up your list of email subscribers, and emailing them a mix of useful content as well as some promotions, you have a constant pool of prospects and existing customers who from any one email may request your removalists services.

Social Media: Social media is an online marketing channel that is often used to supplement and support other online marketing campaigns. With a social media page representing your removalists business, you can increase brand recognition, build relationships with followers, provide lots of useful advice, and occasionally include a promotion.  Social media also helps with SEO too as Google sees businesses that post to social media regularly as legitimate.