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3 Ways Good Web Design Can Help Your Online Store

The ecommerce market is set to reach $24 billion in Australia by 2018.
This shows that a staggering number of Australians are choosing to shop online each and every year.
Are you ready to take a piece of that pie and set up your own website to sell goods from?
If so, you need to talk to an experienced digital agency and engage their web designers in order to provide the most professional image possible.

Below are three ways good web design can help your online store.

  • It can make your business seem more professional
    Good web design can often be the difference between making a sale online and losing one.
    By hiring an expert in web design to help with your professional image, you can appeal to a far wider audience. Websites which are clunky, lack professional imagery and feature obnoxious graphics and fonts will be detrimental to your business.
    Customers may feel uneasy about purchasing from your online store as the ‘shopping experience’ may be lacking. If your website has been designed by professional web designers, it can often provide a much more user-friendly experience.
    Be ready to invest money in good web design in order to make money.

  • It can give it a better Google ranking
    Google uses algorithms in order to show websites that are trustworthy and have consistent traffic flow. Those which don’t receive consistent views and don’t have technologically advanced features used in modern day web design will not do as well.
    The better your Google ranking, the better your website will do.
    Web design plays a huge part in website rankings due to the many features within the backend design that draw people in. This can include Facebook ‘pixels’ and better security certificates.
    These features alongside SEO optimized content and online advertising can aid in a much better Google ranking.
  • The shopping cart will be safer
    Modern day technology has enabled many businesses to provide seamless shopping experiences on their websites. However, if web design isn’t your strong point, you need to hire a professional.
    Over 85 percent of Australians use credit and debit cards online, so now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the action. There’s no reason why yours cannot be one of the several thousand websites profiting from online sales every day. Web designers use high end technology in order to create a safe and secure shopping cart.
    This allows users to put products into their cart and then ‘check out’ with their credit or debit card. However, if there are no security measures in place to prevent credit card number theft from third parties, you can most certainly lose sales.

    If your customers were to lose money due to your website’s poor security features, you may have lost several hundred future customers as well.
    Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising.
    Professional web designers use special encryption coding in order to provide the safest online shopping experience for your customers.

Web design is becoming one of the most highly sought-after skillsets in ecommerce. Businesses want to know how to benefit from online sales, and what will help them grow their online presence. If you’re ready to venture into the world of online sales, do not be afraid to consult an experienced web designer to make sure your website launch is a success.