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Why is Email Marketing Still so Relevant?

In a world full of new technology, it’s hard to understand how email marketing is still as relevant as ever before. After all, we now have social media, texting and so many other ways of communicating with our customers. However, email offers so many things that those other methods can’t offer.

It’s easily monitored and checked
When you send out an email marketing campaign, you can almost guarantee it will reach the inboxes of the people you are targeting. And if it doesn’t? You soon find out. Most email marketing programmes offer reports to see how well that particular email marketing campaign was received.

This could include:

  • How many people opened the email
  • How many email addresses it bounced back from (and why)
  • How many people clicked on links within the email
  • How many people unsubscribed (and why)

The insights delivered from each email marketing campaign can help you with your next campaign. It’s a constant delivery of feedback, just by watching how people react to your emails.

Your emails are also easily checked by your customers.
Most customers in this digital age have their emails connected to their smart phones.
This means that your customers will receive a notification. They can choose to open or delete the email.  It’s clear to see that email marketing is far more reliable than mail-outs or texts.

It’s very inexpensive

Unlike most forms of advertising and marketing, email marketing costs very little if you know where to look.
There are several online email marketing campaign providers that come at little to no cost, such as MailChimp. MailChimp has several different options for marketing from $0-$199/month and is easy to use for anyone at any experience level.
Your only true cost may be a staff member whose job it is to deal with marketing within your business. However, this is a small price to pay. You can either spend thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising or flyers, or you can send out emails for almost nothing and know exactly the results you’re getting.
It’s a great way to build a loyal customer base with promotions
Many shops offer loyalty cards, but they often end up in the dark depths of your wallet never to be looked at again. Unless, of course, you were sent reminder emails and given incentive to pull it out.
If your business offers loyalty cards, there are so many benefits for both customer and business.
You can now send that customer emails with in store promotions, as well as offering further discounts for those who display their loyalty card. A customer who potentially wouldn’t have known about a sale now does, and they may just pay a visit.
Some customers also appreciate being kept in the loop for new stock, community events and other things your business is involved in. Emails can be more than just ways in which to sell, they can be used to engage. This helps brand recognition, all the while keeping your customers involved with your business.