5 SEO Actions Which Are Essential For Your Family Lawyers Website To Outrank Your Competition
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5 SEO Actions Which Are Essential For Your Family Lawyers Website To Outrank Your Competition

It is highly unlikely that you are the only family lawyers that people living in your local area can choose from when they search for a lawyer via www.lawyerslist.com.au. If so, then you can stop reading now. For the other 99.99% of you, that means you have competition from other family lawyers businesses. Now, it might be a friendly rivalry, or for some it could be extremely competitive. Whichever it is, the success of your business means you need more clients opting for you than your competition.

One way you can contribute to that goal is to have your website ranked higher on Google than your competition for relevant keywords used when people are searching for a family lawyer. In turn, that means that the SEO which you do for your website needs to be effective. There are many aspects to achieving high rankings so no one action is going to make it happen. Instead it will be the cumulative effect of all your SEO which does it.

To help you take further steps towards having all your SEO in place, here are 5 actions that you must ensure have been implemented if you want to rank higher on Google than your competitors.

Conduct Extensive Keyword Research

It amazes us when we see some website owners trying to rank their website without even knowing which keywords they should be trying to rank for. The fact is there are potentially hundreds of keywords related to family lawyers that people might enter into Google. if you know what these are then you can optimise for them, and thus rank at the top of those searches. Obviously, some will take more time and effort than others, but some will also be relatively easy to rank for.

Ensure All The Content You Publish On Your Website Is Top Quality

Whether it is for the purposes of ranking on Google or to provide anyone visiting your website with useful information, the use of high quality and relevant content is essential. Visitors to your website will be trying to assess the quality of the service you provide and if they see that your content is sparse, lacking in any usefulness, and written poorly it will tell them all they need to know, and they will be gone.

Check That All On Site SEO Is Present And Correct

This can be something you do yourself, however, if you are not comfortable working with the technical aspects of your website, then you might wish to employ an SEO agency for some of these tasks. An important one is your onsite SEO which includes several elements. As well as metadata, which is text and coding identifying what much of your content and website is trying to rank for, this will also cover optimisations such as internal linking and page load speeds.

Ensure That Each Visitor’s Experience Whilst On Your Website Is A Positive One

Google is obsessed with those who use their search engine having the best quality results and this is measured by what is known as user experience. Some specifics of this include whether they clicked away immediately on landing on a website, and how long they remained on the site. You can optimise your website for user experience by ensuring all the previous points we mentioned are implemented, and by generally ensuring that your website serves your visitors well.

Create A Backlink Portfolio That Boosts Your Website’s Ranking

The fifth action we suggest you take with respect to your SEO is to create a portfolio of backlinks from other websites, but we do not mean any website will do. Instead, you want to focus on obtaining backlinks from websites that are 1) Relevant to your business niche, and 2) That are regarded as high authority websites. The relevancy and power that these backlinks create for your website in the eyes of Google are what boosts its ranking above that of your competition.