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The Latest in Web Design for Online Businesses

For an online business to be effective, it is imperative that the owners are well aware of the trends and changes in the market. The owners and website developers should always be up to date on the latest trends regarding web designs so that the website always stays relevant and attractive for the customers. A website is one of the most important assets for an online business and it is crucial that the web design of the website is efficacious, maintained well and trendy. Some of the latest trends that online businesses should be incorporating in their web design in 2017 are:

  • Focus on the Message: The message was, and will always be important! But, nowadays, the customers are so well aware, that it is imperative that the message shines through. Thus, the web design should be such that the message is easy for the customer to find. Make the content the star of your website and make the messaging as easy for the customer to sift through as possible.

  • The Big and The Bold: Use big, bold, typeface. This trend is also there to compliment the first trend! It helps make the important stuff pop on the website. This trend doesn’t mean at all that you use big and bold font instead, it means that the focus on the web page should be on the important messaging and it should be presented in such a way that the user’s eyes are attracted towards this big, bold message automatically.
    • Ham Burger Menu: Ham Burger Menus weren’t really out! But for 2017, they are back and back with a bang!! The reason that more and more developers are opting for hamburger menus again this year is that they make the content easy to present in short snippets and keep the focus on main elements of the landing page. So use them in your web designs and use them well.
  • Long Scrolls: Long scrolls are now used by most of the web developers because of the way they are displayed on phones. Since more and more users are now using the cell phones to access websites, more and more developers are using scrolls in their web designs. Thus, it is now time to switch from presenting information in horizontal folds to using scrolls.
  • Strong Imagery: It is human nature to be attracted towards visuals. The better the visual, the more time users will take to absorb it. Moreover, a picture is worth a thousand words and it is important that as an online business owner and a web designer, you know that! Invest in good images and capture customers’ Use compressors on HD images to ensure that the load times aren’t high.