Find Keywords

How To Find Keywords Without Expensive Software

Keywords are often spoken of as the ‘currency’ of SEO, with the most valuable keywords, that have tens of thousands of searches every month, being the keywords that bring the highest levels of traffic and visitors to a website.

Of course, in order to rank for those extremely valuable keywords, you are going to have to compete with a high level of competition, whether you operate nationally or locally.

That competition will be high both in terms of the number of competitors, and with the level of resources they have available in order to implement the SEO strategy necessary for them to rank for those premium keywords.

However, SEO Perth advise that just as not everyone is in the market for the most expensive cars, jewellery, or fashion, not every business will need to compete for the most sought-after keywords on Google.

If that includes your business, then the keyword research you do will focus specifically to the niche you are in, and most likely to the area in which your business operates.

There are lots of ways you can research those keywords, and most advice immediately recommends keyword research software. Whilst there is absolutely wrong with that advice, it needs pointing out that software is not the only way to discover excellent keywords.

Uncovering keywords by using a more ‘manual’ approach has many merits, mainly because you will be finding keywords that your competitors may not have even thought about.

The advantage that gives you is being able to rank highly for them and get the majority of traffic to your website that manifests as potential customers who have been searching for that term.

So, to get you started on your quest to find keywords without using software, here are three paths you can take.


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Web Design And SEO
SEO Web Design

Are Web Design And SEO Related? How?

When you’re designing a new website, it’s extremely important to keep search engine optimisation (SEO) at the front of your mind. Although many people don’t realise it, SEO and web design are closely linked, and poorly structured sites often struggle to rank in the Google search results.

Unfortunately, SEO is quite a complicated process. If you’re designing your own website for fun, you might not know where to start when it comes to SEO. With this in mind, I’ve put together a number of things to keep in mind when you’re designing your site to make sure that it ranks as well as possible from the beginning.

Get The Fundamentals Right

There are a few important things to get right before you really even start building your website. If you can nail them, you will be well on the way to designing a winning site with the potential to rank at the top of the search engine results pages.

Your domain – Although you might not realise it, your domain, or website address, actually plays a large part in your overall SEO. Make sure that your domain is logical and closely related to either your niche or your business name. Similarly, make sure that all sub-domains point straight to your main site with 301 redirects.

Your hosting provider – At the same time, it’s extremely important to choose the right hosting provider. Choose a host like Web Hosting Perth – that’s fast, reliable, and close to your audiences geographic location.

Your content management system – Most people use WordPress to build their website, but there are numerous other content management systems and website builders out there. Make sure that you choose one which is compatible with SEO-friendly design.


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SEO Basics

SEO Basics – Getting Started

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is absolutely essential when it comes to developing a high-quality website which will stand up to the test of time. SEO refers to the process of creating a website which can be easily found by search engines. There are many components of SEO, from the on-page inclusion of keywords to off-page backlinking and social media sharing.

Here, we will go through the basics of SEO for beginners, showing the importance of certain aspects to the development of a healthy website.

Why is SEO important?

If you are a real beginner when it comes to website design and creation, you have probably never heard of SEO. However, you need to learn as much as you can about it, and fast, if you would like to create a successful site.


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SEO Audit

Why Should You Pay For An SEO Audit?

According to highly regarded SEO consultant Peter Brittain, people throughout the world are entering the online business space every single day. This is making the online world increasingly competitive, with an estimated 650 million websites on the internet. If you want to succeed in your online ventures, you need to drive traffic away from your competitors’ websites to your own. One of the best ways to do this is to perform various search engine optimisation (SEO) actions on your site so that you appear highly in the search engine rankings for relevant keywords.

However, before you start undertaking SEO on your website, you need to have an idea of what things you need to do and how much work is going to be involved – especially if you have an older website which has a lot of existing content. The best way to do this is to get your website audited with respect to your SEO practices.

The main reasons why you should pay for a professional SEO audit include:

It will identify any major red flags immediately:

Major formatting or content problems can generate red flags and penalties from search engine crawler bots, which can significantly impact your search engine rankings. These problems are often relatively simple to fix once they are identified. Any professional SEO auditor should be able to point out and fix simple red flag penalties quickly and easily.


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Internet Business Consultant
Online Business SEO

Employing An Internet Business Consultant For Your Website SEO

Unless you are prepared to pay for all the traffic to your website, you are going to need your site ranking well in the search engines for certain keywords, to get free traffic. This is achieved using search engine optimisation, and unless you already an expert, you are going to require the services of an internet business consultant who specialises in SEO.

The key to this being a successful part of your business is choosing the internet business consultant who is going to carry out SEO for you, very carefully. It may be an individual who works on a freelance basis or it could be an agency who employ SEO specialists as part of their team. Whichever of these two types you prefer to work with, it is essential that you carry out some due diligence beforehand to ensure you get the results you want.

All internet business consultants are bound to have a web presence of some kind or other. It could be a website in the case of an agency, or it might be a profile on a freelancing site where the individual outlines their skills and experience in the hope of a potential client spotting them.


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SEO an Investment

Why Online Businesses Should Consider SEO as an Investment

Online businesses often invest a lot in their website and web designs but undermine the importance of good SEO. According to SEO Sydney it is extremely important nowadays that online businesses are able to create a strong brand of their own, and good SEO helps in internet marketing and branding. It is also imperative that online businesses don’t just treat SEO as a marketing tool but truly understand what good SEO can do for them. This will enable them to up their game and shine through from the very beginning of their operations. Thus, online businesses should treat SEO as an investment from the very beginning for the following reasons:

  • Effective SEO makes the websites much more accessible and results in increased traffic at the website. A mistake new online businesses make is that they make a flashy website, but since they lack good SEO, their website doesn’t succeed in attracting people which kill the basic purpose of online business. Therefore, effective SEO will make your website more visible and accessible.


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